Learn the Fastest Method Today to Attract Coaching Clients
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  •  Get our Full Practice Blueprint that shows the best strategy for attracting a constant stream of initial consultations with qualified prospects who are familiar with and already interested in your work. This is the most reliable method available to fill your coaching practice quickly. 
  •  Learn the exact things that coaches with full and growing practices do differently and the specific things you should be focusing 80% of your time until your practice is full.
  •  Discover the best marketing method for attracting a constant stream of initial consultations with qualified prospects who are familiar with and already interested in your work. This is the most reliable method available to fill your coaching practice quickly. 
  •   This free training shows you exactly how this new method works and even provides a toolkit of templates, examples and worksheets (with tutorials). And for the next few weeks, you can even attend live small-group workshops for free to get help!
Brett Thomas, Veteran Business and Marketing Mentor for Coaches
About the Presenter
Brett Thomas has been a six-figure coach for two decades. He has built and scaled several successful coaching businesses. His most successful group coaching program has done over $10 million in sales with over 1,000 people (mostly executives and CEOs) going through the program. Brett has logged more than 15,000 hours coaching entrepreneurs, CEOs and executives in both small and large companies. Brett has employed dozens of coaches and has personally mentored hundreds of coaches. Thousands of coaches have participated in his trainings over the last decade. He is one of the pioneers of the conscious business movement in the United States and is the co-creater of Integral Leadership with Ken Wilber (a unifying model of leadership that integrates all other leadership theories). Brett has spent his career simplifying complex approaches so that people can more easily learn and apply them. He understands exactly what it takes to grow a successful coaching practice and his methods are surprisingly insightful and immediately actionable. 
Brett has been an amazing mentor. Working with him has changed my life and my business. His clear, down-to-earth style of explaining complex concepts in an easy to grasp style is so helpful. Brett helped me get unstuck and as a result of taking the action he suggested, my business now has amazing momentum! I’m doing social media marketing, making new offers to new clients, getting clients, getting hired to speak at corporate training events, and even planning my first international retreat.  

- Jana Martinez - Healer, Coach and Speaker
Brett's conscious marketing help has been invaluable. I learned what I didn't know and needed to look into. I got instant feedback from Brett and his team as to the best choices for outsourcing, technology, hosting, etc. A huge blessing because each investigation could have taken me days and still have been a gamble. I used many of the excellent materials offered to us to structure my thinking around the business and really drill down into what was important. The tools provided was amazing and the coaching and consulting was very focused. An enormous time saver and confidence builder!

- Lynn Royster, PhD., Integral Consultant and Coach
Brett and his team are so incredibly generous with their illuminating training and business-grounding tools. Very essential process/systems support for those of us with big dreams who want to help people and positively impact the planet. And he has surrounded himself with an awesome community of like-minded people to work with. If you want more conscious business success, I highly recommend working closely with Brett. 

- Susan Lucci, Human Development Coach and Facilitator
I have had the opportunity to work with Brett and his team for a while in several capacities. He is one of the best conscious coaches/consultants I have ever met. Heartfully generous, kind yet provocative, transformational yet very practical. His integral way of seeing the world and teaching is invaluable. I highly recommend working with him and his team... you will not be disappointed.

- Gilles Brouillette, Ph.D., Executive Coach 
I've appreciated not only the wealth of thorough information I've received, but also the opportunity to have Brett's hands on help as I crafted my offer, attracted opportunities, prepped for and delivered my presentations to my clients. I have already seen results in the growth of my business, having landed the contract I'd been dreaming of for years, and gaining greater confidence to lean into new spaces. I highly recommend working with Brett!

- Tamara Staton, Leadership/Teamwork Coach/Consultant for Sustainability Organizations 
Working with you has been invaluable in birthing my new iteration of my work in the world. The experience it provides of authentic relating is deeply soul-filling. There is no amount of money or success in the world as meaningful as that of being understood and accepted for where you are in consciousness and the chance to supported in being one's authentic self. Sincerely and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for what you are doing in the world.

- Wendy Foxworth, Conscious Relationship Teacher and Coach
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